Who We Are

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Who We Are?

Sun Labels is a proud family run printing company created to provide various businesses with unique and quality labels. We take ample pride in what we do as our main goal is to satisfy our customers with labels that have individuality and unparalleled qualities.

What We Do?

Sun Labels is created to provide quality printed labels to customers and clientele all over North America. We believe that having a family run business only strengthens the quality of the label solely due to the fact that our labels pass through all employees before ending up in your establishment.

Our Goals

We believe your labels should be matched to your unique business; therefore, we ensure your business stands out with the labels we print.
We understand that labels must be eye catching and pleasing to the eye; therefore, with a design specialist on our team, if we feel we can make changes to your label for the better, we will gladly suggest ways in which we can help.

Printing Your Future


Our labels are priced to sell, we look to build long term relationships with our customers, we always sell the right solution for the job, not the most expensive.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that production can't come to a halt because labels were not delivered. We make it our priority to deliver your labels on time, every time.
We now offer 3 business day turnaround on new label orders!

Quality Control

Nothing is worse then recieving a shipment only to realize that the labels were not up to your standards. We have in house lab equipment to ensure consistency and quality for our customers. Therefore, all of our labels are checked by our staff after they have been printed to insure only the best leaves our facility.

We Print up to 10 Colours

At Sun Labels, we believe allowing oneself to change and adapt to new environments and mediums is the true key to success.

"Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is."

~ Seth Godin